Stock up with our Subscribe and Save. This soft-baked chocolate chip cookie is made for kids with allergies, but don’t be surprised when the whole fam gobbles them up. Lunchtime, 3 pm, or before bed with a glass of cold oat soft, dunking not necessary (unless you want to!). You and your little ones can snack safely without sacrificing a smidge of taste. Fun fact, we went through dozens of versions until we found one we were satisfied with. So you know these are good!

  • 130 Calories
  • 0g Cholesterol
  • 19g Carb
  • < 1g Fiber
  • 0.4mg Iron
NoPeanuts NoPeanuts
NoTreeNuts NoTree Nuts
NoMilk NoMilk
NoEggs NoEggs
NoWheat NoWheat
NoSoybean NoSoybean
NoSesame NoSesame
NoShellfish NoShellfish
NoFish NoFish
Gluten Free Plant Based

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