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Answers to Our Most

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope.  We treat coconut in line with FDA regulations that classify it as a tree nut.  All of our products and our facility are free of tree nuts and coconut.

Nope.  We do not use peas, legumes or pea protein in our products or in our facility.  However, please be aware that some of our suppliers may use these items in their facilities.  All of our suppliers are screened to ensure they adhere to industry-standard cross-contamination prevention protocols and diligent allergen-control practices.

We do not use sunflower in our products or our facility.  However, some of our raw materials may contain sunflower-derived ingredients.  If you have questions about sunflower, please reach out to us directly via text at 917.768.9704 or via email at

Yes.  Our oats are certified gluten free by GFCP.  In addition, our oats are processed in an oat-only facility and we regularly test our products to ensure they are gluten-free.

Yes!  All Without A Trace products are certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Food Program, which is endorsed by the National Celiac Association.  The Gluten Free Food Program evaluates all of our raw ingredients, processes, facility and finished products to ensure our products are safe for gluten free consumers.

Nope!  We have our own manufacturing facility, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We do not allow any of the top nine allergens in our facility and the only things manufactured in the facility are Without A Trace products. We screen all of our raw ingredients and suppliers to ensure they adhere to our strict allergen protocols.