Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

by Without A Trace Foods

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Parenting has its joys and challenges and more than its fair share of surprises (anyone who has discovered their toddler attempting their own haircut can attest this one…).  For many families, parenthood also includes the challenges of navigating health and medical conditions.  While everyone’s struggles and victories are shaped by their unique situation, at Without A Trace Foods we believe that, at the end of the day, we are all on this parenting journey (or rollercoaster) together.  We celebrate the uniqueness of every family and draw strength from the resilience the youngest humans show us.  

This is the basis of our new series:  Not All Heroes Wear Capes

We highlight the inspirational families and children making our world a better place.  For our inaugural piece in the series, we are teaming up with The Capables, a new children’s book series celebrating the differences that make us super.  The series educates and accurately represents disability. 

We connected with the series’ creator, Danny Jordan, about the inspiration behind the books, parenthood and his commitment to accurate representation of disabilities.

Danny Jordan


Without A Trace Foods:  The Capables is such an exciting book series.  Tell us all about your amazing daughter and the inspiration for the books.

Danny Jordan:  Our journey with this series started over two years ago when my wife was pregnant with our first child. Everything was progressing normally. That all changed at her 22-week ultrasound.  A specialist found that our daughter would be born with an upper limb difference.  The moment the doctor confirmed our daughter’s diagnosis will stick with me forever.  Her story, not our story for her, was beginning to be written.

Without A Trace Foods:  As a parent, we all can  often find yourself frustrated because of what the world throws at our kids and our families.  You took matters into your own hands.

Danny Jordan:  As a dad and a creative, I was compelled to contribute something positive, of true importance to the world.  I wanted to make the world my daughter grows up in more loving, more accepting, more inclusive.  The Capables is a fulfillment of a promise I made to my daughter:  to write, illustrate and print a book where the hero looks like her.  It started as a simple promise to her and has grown into a commitment to the disability community.  I want to contribute to positive progress through accurate representation and inclusion of disability.

Without A Trace Foods:  What is the biggest takeaway for kids - all kids - from these books?

Danny Jordan:  The most important thing for readers to take away is that what makes us different, makes us super.  Our goal with The Capables is to empower kids with disabilities through seeing someone like them as the hero. And, for kids or the families of kids who are not disabled, I aim to educate them at a much younger age to visible and non-visible differences, opening up the opportunity for conversations and teaching moments about disability.

Without A Trace Foods:  There’s also a broad lesson here of self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love that’s important for all kids and parents to remember, right?

Danny Jordan: Yes, our advisory board has played a vital role with helping to guide the language in our first book. In addition to our mindful representation of disability within the story, they’ve helped to identify opportunities for social emotional learning within the text for Rae’s First Day. Specifically, self-awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision making. We’ve really made a conscious effort to affect positive development and growth in an array of ways through our book.  

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Without A Trace Foods is an allergen-friendly snack company committed to making sure all kids feel included.  Danny Jordan is the creative mind behind The Capables, a new children’s book series committed to accurately representing disabilities.