Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Father's Day Edition

by Brooke Navarro

Not All Heroes Wear Capes:  Father's Day Edition

We’re celebrating Father’s Day at Without A Trace with a special edition of our Not All Superheroes Wear Capes series.  

For those of you new to our series, it is our way at Without A Trace of honoring and spotlighting the uniqueness of families.  We highlight inspirational families and children making our world a better place. 

A Thank You For The Fathers Behind Without A Trace

If you have enjoyed a Without A Trace product, it’s because of a dad.  I want to honor the fathers who have gone above and beyond to make this company a reality.  We know they are definitely superheroes – no cape necessary.

When we say Without A Trace snacks are made by hand in small batches, we mean it.  Just ask my father-in-law.  He has been with us since day one of production, pitching in to help handcraft our chewy granola bars, power bites and cookies.  I’m pretty sure it’s not how he imagined spending his retirement, but he (and my mother-in-law!) have been vital as we have navigated launching and growing the company in the midst of Covid-19.  Our customers would not have snacks without his hard work.

Without A Trace Foods

Those (delicious, if we say so ourselves) granola bars are hand-pressed to perfection.  We wouldn’t have them in the product line-up if not for my dad.  He designed and built from scratch the molds we use to shape and press the bars.  A welder for almost his entire life, he’s worked on everything from cars and trucks to the Saturn V Rocket (cue all sorts of dad jokes about almost being a rocket scientist), but one of his most impactful pieces of work is the not-nearly-as-simple-as-I-thought granola bar molds.  We managed to perfect them via FaceTime calls and lots of trial and error during the height of the pandemic.  Before every run of our granola bars, as we set up the production line and pull out the molds, I am reminded of a father’s love.

Paul's Welding

Finally, my co-founder, husband and father of our two children, Matt.  He bought into my vision for Without A Trace from the very moment I told him about it.  He’s sacrificed in many ways for this company and for our family to make sure not only our kids, but children and families everywhere can find a way to better navigate life with food allergies.  He also has been, far and away, the hardest-to-please taste tester for our products.  Our snacks are 100% (sometimes 200% or 300%) better for it.


On this Father’s Day, we thank all of the superheroes in our lives (with or without capes).  Here at Without A Trace, we raise a granola bar to them.


Co-Founder & CEO

Without A Trace Foods