DIY Greek Yogurt Bowl

by Without A Trace Foods

DIY Greek Yogurt Bowl

A big shout out to Wen from Wen’s Simple Eats for this crave-worthy inspiration!  Here’s what she has to say about this quick and easy treat:

“I partnered up with @withoutatracefoods to make a protein packed DIY yogurt bowl! These lil Apple cinnamon protein bites pair so well with yogurt- you get a punch of cinnamon flavor with the crunch of chia seeds and oats! A sure fire way to get your fiber in and energy to start the day!💥”

Why not get the little ones involved in creating their own breakfast masterpieces?  Wen also recommends her take on a DIY breakfast spread - an early morning charcuterie board with a selection of energizing options to start the day!

Charcuterie board-but make it fruit galore and high protein! 🌱😉 Nothing makes me happier than a bowl of fruit! Felt like having some yogurt for #brekkie and made it fancy with a whole spread of the goods! 🥰 “

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